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2D Codes

Have you been noticing those funny little “ink-blot” looking blobs appearing more and more often in advertising literature or on products you pick up at the supermarket?  Have you ever wondered what they are – and what do they mean – if anything?  Well, they are 2D Codes that can be read or “scanned” and contain data that can “link” you to more information – usually a web site or email address but can simply be a coded message or other information about the item or product in question.  They come in a number of varieties and are proliferating rapidly.  With the advent of “Smart Phones” you may have the ability to read these codes right in your pocket if you have an Android, iPhone, etc.  Just download and install the appropriate “APP” to get started.  Many are free.  All of the 2D Codes schemes have the ability to deliver additional information, but some are “smarter” than others.  “Microsoft Tag,” for example, is a “registered” symbol when created and, when scanned or used, captures additional information for the owner or originator of the Tag, such as frequency of use, location, date/time and possibly, personal information.  This is all designed to give marketers information to better target their audienceFollowing is a series of 2D Codes all pointing to the Bluegrass Dive Club.  Please feel free to use them in your publications to link to the Bluegrass Dive Club.


QR Code

MicroSoft Tag


For more information on 2D Codes and other resources click HERE.

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