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Important, Interesting and Educational Links for Divers

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National Association of
Underwater Instructors

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New Jersey SCUBA Diving

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Columbus Sea Nags

Sarscuba.gif (2941 bytes)

Sarasota Dive Club

Louisville Dive Center

International Diving Educators Association

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Randy Allen's SCUBA Page

(Many additional great LINKS from this site!)

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Diver's Alert Network

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Diving Equipment & Marketing

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rpi_club-logo.gif (26183 bytes)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Computerized Table Tutor

An excellent site for education on dive tables; what they mean; how to read them; etc, etc., all explained for the novice diver.  A Windows 3.1/95/98 freeware software program is available for downloading.

nase2.gif (6107 bytes)

National Academy of Scuba Educators

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nacd.gif (11364 bytes)

National Association
Cave Diving

Loggerhead Dive Club
Lakeland, Florida

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ducklogo.jpg (4542 bytes)

Gavia SCUBA Club

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National Marine Sanctuary

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Three Routes Logo.gif (3849 bytes)

Three Routes Worldwide SCUBA Diving Directory

Sea Wolff Diving Software

The Amazing Dives Screensaver

Commercial Site with lots of great links!
Key West.gif (14132 bytes)

Key West Shipwreck Historeum

Handicapped SCUBA Association International

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