Georgia Aquarium Rebreather / Dive 2020 Trip

These are possible dive dates,
Friday, February 21 – Sunday, February 23, 2020


Journey with Gentle Giants Dive or Rebreather Dive
Georgia Aquarium
Atlanta, Georgia
An opportunity to either dive or dive with a rebreather among the Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, and other exotic fish in the Georgia Aquarium.
Dive experience on 1 day, then free to experience the rest of the aquarium and what Atlanta has to offer.

Experience a Closed-Circuit Rebreather with Whale Sharks

In conjunction with our renowned SCUBA program, Georgia Aquarium offers an hour-plus try-dive rebreather experience — no bubbles! Using some of the newest and most innovative rebreather equipment available, you’ll enjoy diving with majestic whale sharks, manta rays and other exotic species.

More info: 

Rebreather Experience


Surround Yourself with Whale Sharks, Rays & More

Journey with Gentle Giants is the only opportunity in the world where you’re guaranteed to dive with whale sharks, manta rays and thousands of other sea creatures. Suit up to SCUBA dive in the lively waters of the Ocean Voyager exhibit, and have the experience of a lifetime.

More Info:

Dive Experience

trip review

The manta rays are very playful and love to come over and swoop right above your head! It’s also fun to go over the tunnel and up to the window and interact with the people since you have become part of the exhibit… It’s such a unique experience.

Sal42 from Cleveland

This trip is in the books.  Leave a trip review in the comments. 


Please address your questions to the Trip Leader or Treasurer before calling the resort or travel agency directly.

For questions regarding the trip:

Alex Fassas, Trip Leader
(859) 582-1600

This trip is in the books.  Leave a trip review in the comments. 

For questions regarding reservations or payment:
Bluegrass Dive Club
c/o Dan Miller
824 Gunpowder Drive
Lexington, KY  40509-1754
(859) 948-5133

Your trip registration is not accepted until your trip deposit is received by the Club Treasurer.


Details for the trip.  Option for either a Rebreather Experience or a Dive Experience.  Space is limited.  Please contact the Trip Leader with questions.


Experience a Closed-Circuit Rebreather with Whale Sharks

This trip offers the option of a Rebreather or Dive Experience with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in the Georgia Aquarium.  Due to space available and scheduling, depending on number participating and the experience chosen, we may not all dive together.
It is expected that travelers will drive to Atlanta, Georgia for this trip and stay in accommodations of their choosing at their own cost.  The Club Trip Leader will coordinate ride sharing to Atlanta and hotel arrangements as a group, if requested.
Please note: to attend, you must provide proof of Open Water SCUBA certification from a nationally or internationally recognized organization.
The Club travelers may arrange other activities and meals together for your remaining time in Atlanta.


Arrangements on your own.  You decide when to arrive and leave based on your dive reservation and activities.


Georgia Aquarium Rebreather / Dive Trip

Accommodation Destination Start End Basis Room Type Duration
 Arrangements on your own. Atlanta, GA, USA   1-2 Nights

Dive Operator




  • Drive to Atlanta, Georgia
  • Your own transportation while in Atlanta
  • Club Trip Leader will assist in arranging ride sharing

Sample Air Itinerary

No air itinerary expected.  A domestic driving trip.

Trip Options & Costs

All costs and fees are per person.

  • See Trip Limits below for more info on activity dates
  • No Nitrox available

Excluded Costs:

  • Meals
  • Hotel
  • Parking
  • Travel Insurance

Rebreather Dive Program

Accommodation Type Rate Cost pp
Rebreather Dive Program (Regularly $469.95) Diver  $      369.95
Journey With Gentle Giants Dive Program (Regularly $333.95) SOLD OUT Diver  $      279.95
General Admission to Georgia Aquarium required (group rate; diver or non-diver; regularly $39.95) $        30.95
Georgia Sales Tax (all above are subject to tax) TBD
Trip Administration Fee $10



Payment Schedule

For Club portion of trip only.

You will receive an invoice from the Club Treasurer for final balance due.

PNG Dive Week

Due Date Amount
Initial Deposit due with trip registration $200
15 January 2020 Balance due


  • Reserved space will be released 15 January 2020
  • Final payments due 15 January 2020

Trip Limit

Schedule / # of Available Spots:
Rebreather Experience
Saturday, 22 February, 10:15AM
Sunday, 23 February, 10:15AM
  • The Sunday space for 4 and the Saturday space for 3 Rebreathers is reserved for the Club.
  •  The Friday Dive Experience time slot availability is no longer available.

Current Sign-Up Status

  • This trip is in the books.  Leave a trip review in the comments. 
  • 5 divers and 2 non-divers went on this trip.

This trip is in the books.  Leave a trip review in the comments. 

Refund Policy, Dive Activity Waiver & Travel Insurance

Refund Policy:  30+ days prior to travel – no penalties – full refund; penalties apply after that

 BGDC Trip Refund Policy 

BGDC Dive Activity Waiver

Dive Emergency Assistance and Trip Insurance from a Bluegrass Dive Club partner.  


Trip Shirt Design

All Divers will be given a Georgia Aquarium t-shirt

Front Design


Back Design


Shirt Prices


Electrical Standards & Plug Design

  • 120 Volts, 60 Hz
  •  USA


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